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Technical Services International
TSI has been established for over 16 years as a well respected technical consultancy and training service.

TSI has supported many diverse areas of manufacturing from a simple false de-wetting on a diode lead during tinning, to a detonator robotic assembly system design that demanded critical design review at each stage of manufacture and testing.

We have helped companies make performance judgments on a manufacturers potential to achieve lean manufacture and the capability to maintain performance.
Our lean manufacturing tools have been applied to all our lead free workshops and software designs. Our innovative ideas on solder paste stencil design and flow modifiers for wave solder have helped to significantly reduce rework on design related manufacturing problems

Our trouble shooting skills coupled with our unique problem solving techniques have helped many companies improve their productivity (see customer comments).

TSI Directors Mike Cummings and Sandy Barbour  have combined their individual skills to create a working partnership that makes TSI what it is today.

Mike worked as a manufacturing expert for the Pentagon for 10 years working throughout the world trouble shooting contracts and problem solving manufacturing issues both in Military contracts and Commercial.

Sandy works on the software side of the business, he works mainly in Borland C++  and is proficient in numerous other languages. His skills are as varied as plug-ins for Flight Simulators to complex programs for Banking systems to simple test programs.
Sandy’s engineering knowledge of test systems and electronics in general has allowed him to approach our software design with a lot of sympathy towards the complexities of manufacturing issues not always present with other software designers


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