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Customer Comments
Here is a sample of the many unedited comments from the lead free health check workshops.

Comments from EBT

Hello Mike

Thank you, over the past few days, you have certainly given us lot to think about. 

Your advice has been just what we have been looking for, we have had a consultant quoting us over the past few weeks to help us improve efficiency etc, however you provided more help and encouragement during your one day visit than all of them put together.

Thank you again

 With Best Regards

 Allyson Darroch


Comments from Honeywell


Thanks again for the 2 days it was excellent.



Comments from Dynamic Logic

Hi Mike


Many thanks for the excellent Lead Free workshops provided by Electronics Scotland and yourself on 29th and 30th March. Since your visit DL have re- evaluated our current Lead Free Implementation strategy and commenced on a new roadmap including developing :

  • New DFM guidelines for our design department /customers,
  • Quality inspection criteria 
  • Extensive Lead Free Awareness program
  • A Hand Soldering Re- training Program for all operators.

Your knowledge of Design and process related lead free issues including 'zone refining' is proving to be invaluable, as it has stimulated 'the grey mater' in our existing current lead free team and expanded our current Lead Free knowledge base. DL can now approach Lead Free with confidence as the workshop has identified most if not all the major issues.

 Once again may I take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and professionalism during the your visit. The excellent Lead Free presentations , coupled with your extensive experience and knowledge in implementing Lead Free,  has aided Dynamic Logic to, assess and construct a new plan to implement Lead Free process in an effective sustainable manner.


Alex Duncan
Manufacturing Manager

Comments from KOP Ltd


Being a little skeptical about seminars through previous experience I was unsure what to expect. However, I found the workshop very informative and being an engineer not directly involved in pcb design now appreciate the fundamentals required in order to design pcbs for manufacture. I also liked the objective manner in which the seminar was carried out as there was no particular bias or attempt to sell.




Paul McMillan

Comments from Linn

Hi Mike,
Just a note of thanks regarding the lead free course you ran for us last week.  Everyone who participated enjoyed it, and it certainly gave us plenty to think about. 

We've got the risk assessment software installed now, so we'll be running some jobs through to get an idea of where we are.

Once again thanks, your enthusiasm and knowledge of the topic played a bit part in making the course as enjoyable as it was.

Take care and I'll be in touch


Comments from Gyrodata


Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the recent Lead Free Seminar held at ATCS in Glenrothes.  As you know we have already gone part way down this road and did experience some difficulties which, with your help we overcame.  The one thing I did take from the seminar was the importance of going through the risk assessment and talking to people like Dave Yeaman and yourself before committing to a design.  The example of one of the other companies, shown by the dramatic increase in yield they experienced after going through the process, really hit home.

We are out on a bit of a limb in Aberdeen, as far as the bulk of the Scottish electronics manufacturing industry is concerned, so it's important that we keep tabs on what's current, by attending events like these.

As we discussed, I have been contacted by Electronics Scotland and I am hoping to set up a meeting with Ashley Evans in the near future.

Keep up the good work.

All the best

Dave Barron
Engineering Supervisor
Gyrodata Ltd


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