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TSI has several area’s where our consultancy has helped companies through difficult times, here are just some of the services we have provided recently.

Technical manufacturing expertise and support in a fire damaged facility maximizing the claim against the insurance companies forensic scientists.

Rates rebate claim saving tens of thousands of pounds per month.

Dramatic productivity improvement (fashionably described now as lean manufacture) through our health check workshop software package which highlighted over 2,100 recurring manufacturing impacted design issues.

Tombstoning issues in a whole range of components from chip components to BGA’s solved by TSI unique stencil designs.

Wave solder shorts crippling a companies yields solved by TSI’s unique flow modifier techniques.

Customer complaints in one of our clients facilities had tied up several engineers for  weeks and they were still getting no where. All the issues were cleared completely by an independent technical report from  Mike Cummings Technical Director of TSI  (Mike is a former Cat A senior examiner for MIL STD 2000, Appointed by the Pentagon Certification Board)

Our recent contract placement has worked out well for both parties, and our contract support programs are ongoing.

If the type of support you are looking for has not been mention, we have been in business for over 15 years and covering all aspects of our work over that time would be to much to report on. If you have a particular problem/issue you wish to discuss with us (Drop us a line)


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