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Lead free Workshop’s
We have put together a series of workshops that cover everything from health checks to visual inspection. Every one of our workshops have been over subscribed. We chose the  workshop format for lead free implementation as it is a new subject, and does not have a solid well understood foundation as yet. Workshops allow digression into related subjects so that the attendee's can truly get to grips with the subject at their own pace and level of understanding.

TSI_software_cogs03Health check workshop
"Most successful  over oversubscribed"
This has been the most successful workshop with reports of measurable improvement in productivity for those that have attended.
The Health check Workshop helps you evaluate where you are, where you need to be, and risks assesses the problem areas in order for you to prioritize your resources.
Apart from the shop floor health check, it covers design for lead free manufacture and design for environment.(Booking information)

Visual Inspection    "How to Inspect"
Probably the second most successful workshop, again oversubscribed. Everyone  from design to Inspection has been on this one and all have gained a great deal from it. The workshop discusses material issues like tin whiskers, tin pest, workmanship manual design and implementation., as well as how to inspect. ( 1 day )
(Booking information)

Reflow    "Unique design limiting solutions"
Reflow soldering, some back to basics and some in depth theory to help you plan for lead free profiles and more importantly how to troubleshoot your outcomes. The workshop also covers some unique stencil designs to help overcome design limiting soldering related problems.( 1 to 2 day’s ) (Booking information)

Wave solder   "Unique design limiting solutions"
Probably the most complex in terms of equipment, but quite easy in terms of transition, assuming that the basic principles are understood fully. This workshop covers all the basics of lead free wave solder, and again some interesting tricks to ease these design limiting solder related problems..( 1 to 2 day’s )  (Booking information)

Hand soldering   "One touch soldering"
This workshop tackles the basic principles of hand soldering and teaches the one touch soldering concepts demanded of lead free..( 1 to 2 day’s )
(Booking information)

Rework   "Rework risk assessment”
Rework and repair has always been a problem, but now it is a nightmare. You may have noticed that nearly all the seminars and trade articles cover everything BUT rework.
We have tackled this in a similar way to the subjects above, looked at the problems, designed solutions to some of these issues and developed a way forward.
This workshop will cover the basic principles of rework how it impacts product reliability and more importantly how to risk asses your chosen tools and methods.
.( 1 to 2 day’s ) (Booking information)

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